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What are hackathons?

Hackathons are competitions where a vast number of hardware, software or other technology specialists come together to solve a specific real-life problem (in daily life or industry-specific) within a stipulated time frame. The participants are usually expected to have a working prototype ready by the end of the time frame. Hackathons have been vastly popular as over 80% of Fortune 100 companies and more than 1000 are conducted yearly.

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While there are different types of hackathons such as crowdsourcing, API adoptions, internal, big data etc, we will be focussing on hackathons organized for the sole purpose of creating and nurturing a community of developers.

Significance of community creation:

In the information technology industry, the ones who create and adopt technologies are the biggest brand advocates. In this case, the developers. There are uncountable communities and forums online which cater to a specific subject of interest – for example, WordPress, Robotic Process Automation, App Development etc. So if there was a way for brands to engage with their target audience and make them actively embrace their technologies, organising a hackathon is one such innovative solution.

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Once you build a branded community, all the members in it become a really simple but extremely cost-effective channel for amplifying adoption – through beta tests, reviews, word-of-mouth brand awareness and more.

“Developers engage in the community in an effort to discover tools, exchange knowledge, and solve problems.”

Sarah Jane Morris, Former Developer Community Manager at Mashery (Intel).

Innovation-focussed events provide amazing networking opportunities for the developers to gain ideas, inspiration and networking opportunities – a three-in-one approach beneficial to all the stakeholders involved.

Case Study: UiPath Power Up Automation Hackathon Series

One of our key clients and leader in Robotic Process Automation, UiPath India, approached us to plan entire logistics and build excitement around the “UiPath Power Up Automation Hackathon” in a way where each member of the community feels welcomed, invigorated and enthralled by the experience.

With our unparalleled level of expertise in conceptualization, venue planning and management, audience engagement and management, onsite logistics and creative development; we executed the 36 hour non-stop hackathon in WeWork, Gurgaon on the 20th and 21st of July, 2019.

Event management responsibilities we were tasked with:

1. Reserving the venue and setting up the entire platform.

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2. Ensuring all the preliminary rounds, Jury Interviews and Finale were executed as per plan.

3. Designing seating arrangement along with necessary amenities per team (microphone, power strip, projector, etc).

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4.  Managing registrations and briefing participants about format and Rules of Engagement.

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5. Providing space and time for the participants to make headway on problems they are interested in.

6. Pairing teams with subject-matter experts (Mentors).

7. Providing constant refreshments around the clock to all participants.

8. Ensuring Midnight Energizers to get the momentum going.

9. Providing sleeping quarters for the night.

10. Arranging F&B for all participants and mentors.

11. Engaging all participants in pre-event and post-event happy hours for fostering networking and creativity.


The fruit of the pudding lies in the eating. After the successful initial hackathon in Gurgaon, we successfully executed many more similar Hackathons in Pune, Bangalore and Thyagraj Stadium Complex (New Delhi).

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